Sample Topics for Computer Science Dissertation

Visual Information Encryption through DH Key Agreement

The visual cryptography of single-use gives us one way to issue secure and robust digital transmission. You can make them reusable by using the D-H key, otherwise known as the Diffie and Hellman key. The authentic images that reuse this by performing the scheme are known as shadow images. To simplify it even further, they entail shrunken pictures where are secret images can get embedded, and they are then distributed on the original image everywhere. The technique is utilized to lock and secure information and data and some secret images on the internet. That makes them inaccessible to individuals with no authorization from the necessary points. To recover a hidden image from the internet, human intervention is required, and that person will pile up all the existing shadow images. The same cryptography can be reused by switching the D-H key agreement every time. Online searches can also lead you to find a list of computer science dissertation topics and in case you get stuck, you can alternatively look for dissertation help or dissertation topics in computer science.

This type of essay aims to provide security for Hidden images, reusing original photos by the same technology and the visibility of search images to the visual system of human beings.

H.264 System of Video Streaming on an Embedded platform

technology spread, including digital television and video conferencing, boosted the interest in that particular area of research on video streaming. The main objective of such a project is to develop an accomplishment on the use of the baseline H.264/AVC video with a local area network, also known as LAN, within a surveillance system comprising a video system on a factual streaming basis in real-time. The report aims to present how the baseline rhymes with an embedded platform align with the integration of the module of some video streamers.

The baseline of an H.264/AVC with a platform’s hardware component should be discussed in priority, whereas several protocols that concern video streaming on the DM6446 board must be studied. Also, an application with multiple threads can issue the encoding of frames into the format of H.264/AVC. Video data got streamed over a local area network with some live sources like the Live555 Mediaserver. With the implementation of peer-to-peer file streaming, successful implementation got implemented on the computer of a video streamer that got ported on the board.

Several research methods why utilized and tested in the video streamer integration and the program of the encoder sales multiple problems occurred within the two systems compatibility. The end product was arrived at a modification to get made. The program of the encoder was to achieve the best results to get utilized as the video system of surveillance.

Advantages and disadvantages of password management systems

As you think about the computer’s security and computer science research topics, password management would come as one of the first things you will think about. It is usually the first protection line of any terminal, and it is exhausting as among the most spread forms of security in computing. Having a weak password will increase your chances of having your documents or files on your computer to get compromised. That is why most companies and employees are usually not responsible for the choices they make when choosing the password, and therefore they must use generators. Generators can get programmed to give answers to a standard, and the project mainly aims to assist users to remember their passwords easily because most of them are usually substantial.

Messaging system development for higher education

Smartphones or mobile phones are arguably the most utilized tools of intercommunication. Therefore, it will allow us to consistently communicate from any point or any time because it will keep us connected despite the distance. The paper’s main aim is to highlight the advantages that mobile phones have brought within the educational environment and close the existing gap between teachers, management, and students to encourage a lot more interaction. You can seek for dissertation help on computer science dissertation topics from your peers or make the internet your friend.

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