Advice on Choosing a Topic for Marketing Dissertation

As you finish your marketing course, you will need to have your marketing dissertation ready. Any dissertation help you need to complete your course is essential to ensure your work is high-quality and impressive to your professor.  There are various dissertation topics on digital marketing as the world moves digital in most operations and processes. Here is advice to help you in choosing your marketing dissertation topic.

Pick a topic that is relevant to literature in the marketing field

It is crucial to write your dissertation based on existing literature.  Relevant literature will make it easy for you to build your task and remain relevant throughout your dissertation. Your sources of information should be credible and with sufficient information to complete your dissertation. Preferably, you can get dissertation help from professionals to choose the best topic of research. The time-consuming nature of the process of finding a topic will need you to turn to the trending dissertation topics of your year of study to start writing your paper.

Focus on the trending dissertation topics in digital marketing

The current trends in the marketing world provide the best topics for your marketing dissertation. Digital marketing has influenced businesses to adopt e-commerce strategies that have made it possible for a company to boost sales leaving behind old-fashioned marketing techniques. Some exciting marketing dissertation topics of 2021 you may come across are:

  • The role of the Internet in changing the behavior of consumers
  • Effects of adoption of automated service interactions on the big and small companies
  • How smart devices have affected the sales of companies
  • The impact of customer psychology in the digital market
  • The most common mistakes in e-mail marketing and e-communication

Choose the most interesting marketing dissertation topics

Choosing an interesting topic for your dissertation will easily motivate you to write well and finish your marketing dissertation. If you like the topic of your dissertation, the higher the chances you will end it fast.  The most exciting topics should provide value to the readers of your research. It should give proof of you having knowledge and experience in your marketing field.  So, by the time you are choosing your topics, to keep it interesting, consider some of the topics like;

  • How market segmentation affects the various sales channels used by a business
  • The role of product and service standardization in global marketing
  • Effect of innovation and invention on customer retention
  • The role of family orientation in making purchasing decisions
  • The essential features that create a comparison of products by consumers
  • The impact of brand values on customer’s decisions in digital marketing fields
  • Strategies to combine the offline and online marketing techniques to boost sales of a business
  • The effect of political factors on the marketing environment, etc.

Your choice of marketing dissertation topic needs to have enough literature material to ensure you write it well. The information should be on the Internet for more flexibility and ease of access from credible websites. Have enough time to go through the academic sources of information to outline your marketing dissertation. Be taking and comparing notes to ensure there is no contradiction with the information you will provide in your dissertation.


Remember to use the proper format for your dissertation as improper structure puts off your professor. Cite all sources you have used to avoid plagiarism cases. With the interesting marketing dissertation topics choices to choose from, seek relevant and easy ones to avoid being stressed when writing your paper. Allocate enough time to proofreading and editing your work to ensure your dissertation is flawless, and you will easily impress your professor to give you the best grades. Your MBA studies are essential in opening up opportunities along your career path. Therefore, your topic should demonstrate your intelligence and skill as an expert in marketing. Based on your dissertation, you will have a competitive advantage in job applications, and your research will be a reference point to another scholar behind you.

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