Dissertation Introduction, Conclusion, And Abstract

The introduction and abstract are indeed the first part of any dissertation that will be read first before other parts of the paper. The conclusion will be the last part that you are expected to place at the bottom of your work.

If you want to make a strong showing in the introduction and abstract; then it is advised that you write the parts of your paper last. This will make it possible to make a strong impression on this part of the paper. It will make it possible to put down the core of your work in the introduction and giving the best abstract that will act as the core of the body of your work.


The introduction is very important in your dissertation. This is where you will get the attention of the readers or lose out on them completely. If you can put up a compelling introduction with a hook sentence; you are going to achieve expected results.

The introduction should answer the following questions:

  • The preliminary information that puts your research in context should be provided
  • It should clarify the focus of your study
  • The value in your research should be pointed out there
  • The research aims and objectives must be specified in the introduction of the paper.


This is the part of the paper where you are expected to make your work distinct and go all the way to prove the worth and usefulness of the practical paper of your paper to serve the needs of the people. There are pitfalls to be avoided here. The following tips will be of help in avoiding the pitfall:

  • Properly include your research objectives in this part of your paper
  • Your recommendations should be well stated. What are your challenges? What are the areas of improvement that other scholars can work on? You are expected to go all the way.
  • You have to state what your work will contribute to knowledge.


The abstract should never be considered as an afterthought by students. With a few hundred words left out to complete your dissertation, the abstract should provide the desired influence on your work. This is where every student is expected to provide a synopsis of their entire work. The handling of the abstract can make or kill your work; it must be properly handled to make the important impact that is needed to achieve the results that mattered at the end of the day.

An excellent abstract must contain the following key elements:

  • State the problem or issue that you are investigating in your abstract
  • Make sure you provide the research methods that you have decided to make use of.
  • What are your main results and findings? It must be clearly stated in the abstract of your report. 
  • What are your major conclusions and recommendations? It must be clearly stated in the abstract section of your paper.

The abstract that will add value to your work must not exceed one page. The shorter it is with all the elements mentioned above; the better. It should be neat and well organized.

Final thoughts

If you want to achieve the best in terms of content and organization in the three aspects under review; then the tips that will give every student a soft landing have been described above.

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